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Please welcome to our humble memorial to Sree Ghantasala, the greatest singer that ever was. Here we will try to gather material about his life and works, to preserve and celebrate his unforgettable contributions to the art. Among other unique offerings, we will also gather together a comprehensive database of all his songs, with links to other information available on the internet.

Please join the Project Ghantasala egroup if you would like to be part of this effort. We would also love to hear your comments, please write to

Special 85th Birthday Treat
Interview with Patrayana Sangeetha Rao

Your admiration & love showering on my father is moving us a lot & making our hearts heavy. No words can express our feelings & only tears are rolling down. 

...... Ratnakumar Ghantasala and Savitri Ghantasala
Book By Smt. Savithri Ghantasala

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