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SCIENCE TIPS(Telugu Version)


1) Moon Speed: 3,680 km. per hour
2) Sun Speed: 250 km. per second
3) Light Speed: 1,86,282 miles per second  or 3 lakh kms  (-10
4) Atmospher Weather Speed: 24,000 miles per day
5) Escape Velocity on Earth: 7 miles or 11 k.m. per second
6) Escape Velocity on Sun: 620 k.m. per second
7) Sound Velocity: 330 m.m. per second
8) Sun's Rotation at Equator: 25 days and 9 hours, at poles 33 days
9) Cosmic Year: 25 crore year in reference to milky way
10) The Rotation of milky way takes 50 crore years
11) 1 parsec - 360 light years
12) Earth revolves round the sun with orbital distance 60 crore miles
13) The light travels in a year: 6 lakhs crore miles

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Science Projects Introduction

1. Flying Saucer Technique for Aero-Planes
(At Starting state, the Aero-Plane Consumes white petrol as useual.
When the Aero-Plane reaches at maximum Speed then this flying saucer Technique is to be
used. In this Method, the wind falling on the wings during flight, can rotate the fans of
dynamoes. The Electricity generated by dynamoes is capable of rotating the fans of the
Aero-Plane through D.C. Motors.)

2. Speed Bullet:- (Here rotatory motion can be converted into linear motion as a bullet without

3. A dynmot car:- (A car run by D.C. Motor. And Electricity can be supplied by a dynamo.
Dynamo is run by pedaling at starting stage, and by wind mills in running status.)

4. A dynbat Car :- (A car run by multitude of batteries and batteries and charged during
running by dynamoes. This is a decentralised System by which the weight of the vehicle is
not incresed.)

5. Air Plane :- A new type of Aero Plane which can travel horizontally, vertically, landing on
any type of Place, with Zero risk, with ordinary Scootar engine and with cent percent safety.

6. A double Speed bicycle:- (An ordinary bicycle can travel with double speed by simply
doubling the rear rim in size.)

7. Pollution control Device :- (Here are to devices which will protect the would from the
vehicle's pollution.)

8. Tidel electricity:- (Electricity can easily be generated from any type of Sea shore. By the
specially designed fans by which the turbines are rotated.)

9. A mile light:- (At any four Cross Road one Electrical lamp can give light within the one mile
radious, with the help of many mirrors arranged at a required hight.)

10. Space walk:- ( Two types, Mechanical and Electro Magnetic piston type.)

11. Dust free duster.

12. Smart car (Run by Scooter engine)

13. Vegitable cutter.

14. Electricity generation from a moving train.

15. Power glider.

16. Water Bicycle.

17. Motor Cycle alternations.

18. EMP (Electro Magnetic Piston)

19. Electric Hearth.

20. Two Seater Car.

21. Frog (The amphybious car, man powered vehicle 
which can travel both on land and on water

22. Two Way vehicle (Two way fuel vehicle both petrol and battery)

23. FD Stove (Fan dynamo stove)

24. Dynamo riksha.

25. Candles in Actress shapes.

26. Artificial hand.

27. Expandable wheeled bag.

28. Wax made human heads.

29. A comfortable chair car

30. Carry flexible stool.

31. Easy going by skating boots.

32. Anty glare light for vehicles.

33. Anty accident skeleton for vehicle.

34. A traffic Police helmet (Dust proof, protection 
from sun's heat and rain and sitting comfort).

35. Powder soap.

36. Electric heater (Iron fillings run by dynomo with 
the help of fan.)

37. A walking device on water.

38. Stone storm on planes.

39. Lever riksha.

40. Train movement by machanical advantage

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