animated gifsMedical Attendance Rulesanimated gif


animated gifsAP Integrated Med. Attendace Rules (GO.Ms.No.74)animated gif


animated gifsRecongnised Hospitals Listanimated gif


animated gifsNIMS Tariff Listanimated gif


animated gifsCGHS Tariff Listanimated gif


animated gifsMed. Reimbursement  Bill Online Statusanimated gif


GO's and MEMO's of Med. Reimbursementanimated gif


animated gifsEmergency Certificateanimated gif


animated gifsEssentiality Certificate - OPanimated gif

 animated gifs

animated gifsEssentiality Certificate (IP) - Ianimated gif


animated gifsEssentiality Certificate (IP) - Ilanimated gif


animated gifsAdvance Certificateanimated gif


animated gifsAdvance Certificate for II Timeanimated gif


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